Electric and Hybrid Ferries

The majority of the world’s electric and hybrid ferries and Ro-Pax vessels use a Corvus Energy marine battery energy storage system.

Corvus Energy has extensive experience providing and servicing marine energy storage systems in electric and hybrid ferries globally. Over the past decade, Corvus has provided battery energy storage systems for over 150 ferries around the world. This includes all-electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid passenger, Ro-Pax, Ro-Ro, and high-speed ferries. In total, more than 50% of the world’s hybrid and all-electric maritime vessels use with a Corvus system.

We understand the challenges facing ferry operators as they embark on the decarbonization of their fleets.

Ferry and Ro-Pax operators are facing stricter environmental and emissions regulations. Battery-powered operations require zero fuel and produce zero emissions. For electric ferries where shore charging is available, ship emissions can be significantly reduced or even eliminated entirely. In ports where shore charging is not an option, ferries can still benefit from hybrid electric operations.

In hybrid powered operations, battery energy storage systems improve energy efficiency. Battery systems can level the loads on the diesel engines, provide black-out support and emergency power, and even replace a genset. Supplementing with battery-powered electric propulsion reduces emissions and benefits the ferry operator who can save substantial costs for fuel and maintenance.

Learn more about our experience powering electric and hybrid ferries.

Corvus Energy offers a full range of marine battery energy storage and fuel cell systems. We provide solutions for a variety of vessel types and operational profiles. This includes projects ranging from 60 kWh on a small all-electric passenger ferry crossing the Aurajoki river in Finland to 5,500 kWh for large hybrid Ro-Pax of 250 m length.

Corvus will also supply the battery system for the world`s largest fully electric lightweight Ro-Pax ferry. Requiring more than 40 MWh of energy storage, it will be the largest battery system installed onboard a ship- four times as big as the current largest installation. Learn more about our experience.

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