As demand for rechargable batteries grows, it is more important than ever to manage the resources available in an ethically correct way and manage the battery through the entire lifecycle through first life, second life and until final recycling.

As a supplier of Lithium Ion batteries, Corvus Energy takes this responsibility very seriously and recycling services is an important part of current and future strategy. We aim for a sustainable lifecycle of the battery through design, manufacturing, first life, second life and all the way to recycling.

By having a close monitoring of the batteries’ ” state of health” through the entire first life we can optimize and propose added value to our Customers through re-use (second life) for batteries and recycling services: When a lithium-Ion battery has served onboard a ship for their intended use and lifetime, the remaining capacity is still high and can be used for other purposes before recycling to ensure sustainability. See recycling services for more information

Can the energy storage systems from Corvus Energy be recycled

Yes. 99,9% of a Corvus Energy ESS can be recycled.

What is the cost for recycling of the batteries

At the time, the amount of recycling is limited as most of our ESS are still in the first life. Volume will lower the cost substantially.

Can Corvus Energy take back the batteries after ended design life

Corvus Energy does provide services to take back batteries after end of design life.

Does Corvus Energy take responsibility for finding second life opportunities

At end of first life, the ESS has a capacity of approximately 70%. Corvus Energy can offer second life services provided we have a monitoring agreement through the first life to ensure the health of the battery.