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The leader in zero-emission marine solutions, Corvus Energy products are designed for Life at Sea™

More than 50% of the world’s hybrid and all-electric maritime vessels are equipped with a Corvus Energy system.

International Maritime Organization IMO regulations call for a forty-percent reduction in industry carbon emissions by 2030. As the maritime sector advances emissions reduction and electrification initiatives, we understand the challenges and are here to provide solutions. Corvus Energy is at the forefront of developing zero-emission solutions, including a full range of marine battery energy storage and fuel cell systems.

Emissions savings and fuel reduction

With over 1,000 projects and 9 million system operating hours, Corvus systems have helped to save over 3.9 billion liters of diesel fuel and to avoid 9.3 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Many of the world’s first all-electric and hybrid vessels are powered by a Corvus system.

Corvus Energy are pioneers of safe and reliable marine energy storage systems and offer solutions for almost every vessel type and maritime application.

Corvus has the largest installed base of marine energy storage systems in operation worldwide. Many of the world’s first electric powered vessels use a Corvus energy storage system, including the first all-electric fast ferry, tanker, workboat, harbour tugboat, commercial fishing vessel, and more. Similarly, many of the world’s first hybrid/electric vessels use a Corvus battery system, such as the first hybrid cruise ship, Ro-Pax, OSV, tanker, and tugboat, among others. Learn more about Corvus marine energy storage solutions.

Extend the range of zero-emission operations using batteries and fuel cells together.

Vessels that recharge often or have enough energy storage capacity can operate at zero-emission levels on batteries alone. Unfortunately, for many vessels this is not an option. However, other near shore and short sea vessels can achieve zero-emission operations by using battery energy storage, marine fuel cells and green fuels together. For this reason, Corvus Energy developed a marine fuel cell system to expand the range of zero-emission solutions available to the maritime sector.

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