Electric and Hybrid Passenger Ferries

Passenger ferry operators around the world are upgrading their fleets to include more all-electric and hybrid ferries.

Corvus Energy is the leading provider of marine battery energy storage systems for maritime applications. Corvus systems are installed in over 150 ferries around the world. This includes many fully electric and hybrid passenger ferries. We understand the challenges facing passenger ferry operators as they embark on the decarbonization of their fleets.

There is no one-size-fits all solution.

Electric and hybrid propulsion can significantly reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for battery energy storage. Vessel operational profile, route, space restrictions, and other factors all influence system configuration.

For example, some passenger ferries require high speed and high power to get passengers to and from destinations quickly. In contrast, other passenger vessels may need less power. Examples include sightseeing ferries that navigate at slower speeds and commuter ferries with shorter routes. To optimize energy efficiency, both selecting the right battery system configuration and how the system is operated are key.

Passenger ferries typically use battery energy storage systems for:

  • Optimized energy consumption by load levelling
  • Maneuvering into port and in shallow waters
  • Zero emissions or all-electric operation in emissions restricted areas
  • Increased safety and reliability – including black-out prevention


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced emissions
  • Safer operations
  • More silent operations when in zero-emissions mode


Marine energy storage systems (ESS) are suitable for both newbuilds and retrofit projects.

Corvus Energy powers more electric and hybrid ferries than any other battery system provider.

Over 50% of the world’s hybrid and all-electric maritime vessels are equipped with a Corvus Energy system. We offer a full range of marine battery energy storage and fuel cell systems suitable for a variety of vessel types.

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For examples of electric and hybrid ferries that use a Corvus Energy system, click here.

Corvus Energy marine battery energy storage system solutions for passenger ferries:

The Corvus Orca energy storage system is widely used for electric and hybrid passenger ferries. The Orca delivers high energy density and high charge and discharge rates. Notably, the Orca is also the most installed marine battery system worldwide.

Corvus Dolphin Energy NxtGen battery energy storage system is tailored towards ships with long, slow charges and discharges and where a lightweight ESS is essential. Tourist, sightseeing and canal boats which sail at slow to moderate speeds are ideal use cases for Dolphin Energy NxtGen ESS.