Spare parts

Regular maintenance is key to ensure the performance and operational safety of your marine energy storage and fuel cell systems. Having spare parts available when you need them is also key to avoid downtime due to repairs.

Combining continuous monitoring through the Corvus Vessel Information Portal with proactive maintenance planning is important to optimize system function and lifetime. Equally important are sourcing quality spare parts from an original equipment manufacturer and ensuring that maintenance is performed by trained personnel.

Global service network, global inventory management

Corvus Energy systems provide industry-leading performance, reliability and safety, backed by a global service network. Corvus offers global inventory management services, including local storage of replacement parts provided by a Corvus service partner when required for safe operations.

Replacement parts for your Corvus system

Delivered with each Corvus system, a list of recommended replacement parts is provided. Find spare part inventory lists for your equipment and request spares online via the Corvus Vessel Information Portal.

To store key replacement parts onboard the vessel, Corvus Energy offers robust hardcases tailor-made to house spares. The spare parts packages are available in different sizes, suitable for the system onboard your vessel. Spare parts are suitable for replacement by trained personnel.