Electric and Hybrid RoPax

As regulations for emissions-free sailing increase, more RoPax shipowners are considering how marine battery energy storage systems, fuel cells and green fuels can be used to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency.

The benefits of hybrid electric propulsion extend beyond reducing carbon emissions. In hybrid RoPax, battery energy storage systems improve energy efficiency. When used in combination with a diesel engine or a fuel cell system, battery systems can level system loads by absorbing peak power demands. This results in fuel savings and reduced maintenance. Battery-powered operations are quiet and produce zero-emissions, decreasing both contamination and noise levels and improving passenger experience.

Hybrid RoPax / Ro-Pax typically use marine energy storage systems for:

  • Optimized energy consumption by load levelling
  • Maneuvering into port and in shallow waters
  • Zero emission in port
  • Increased safety and reliability – including black-out prevention
  • Black start capability
  • Reduced scrubber system size for ECA compliance


  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced emissions
  • Safer operations
  • More silent operations when in zero-emission mode


Marine battery energy storage systems (ESS) are suitable for both newbuilds and retrofit projects.

Corvus Energy powers more electric and hybrid ships than any other marine battery system provider.

Corvus Energy is the leading provider of safe and reliable marine energy storage systems. Worldwide, over 50% of the hybrid and all-electric maritime vessels are equipped with a Corvus system. We offer a full range of marine battery energy storage and fuel cell systems suitable for a variety of vessel types and marine applications.

Learn more about our work with electric and hybrid RoPax

Many of the world’s first hybrid and electric powered maritime vessels use a Corvus Energy system. This includes the world`s largest fully electric ship, a lightweight RoPax ferry. For other examples of hybrid RoPax / Ro-Pax vessels that use a Corvus Energy marine battery energy storage system, click here.