Advisory services

Corvus Energy holds an unparalleled Maritime DNA and understanding of how energy storage may be utilized in maritime applications. Our unrivalled ESS install base has accumulated more than 5 000 000 operational hours in total.

Based on this vast experience with maritime ESS, from design to operational lifetime, we provide a wide range of advisory services:

  • Comparing the battery system usage with predefined operational design targets as set out in the Battery System Specifications, identifying potential deviations from agreed usage.
  • Providing expert based reports to vessel owners with all relevant and vital data recorded. Reports will discuss any usage or conditions that deviate from the agreed profile, and how to mitigate such deviations
  • Propose solutions if actions are needed to achieve an estimated life span.
  • Consultancy towards design companies, system integrators, shipyards, and shipowners.
  • Battery sizing and lifetime calculations
  • Vessel Energy optimization. ESS integration and system integration
  • Retrofitting (installing ESS on older vessels)
  • Upgrades: increasing the capacity of existing ESS onboard