Consultancy Services

As a leader in zero-emission marine solutions, including maritime battery energy storage and fuel cell systems, Corvus Energy offers a range of expert advisory and consultancy services.

With more than 1,000 projects worldwide and 9 000 000 system operating hours, Corvus Energy holds an unparalleled understanding of maritime battery energy storage and is breaking new ground in marine fuel cell development.

More than 50% of the world’s hybrid and all-electric maritime vessels use a Corvus system. Corvus Energy is the leading provider of marine battery energy storage systems, with the most installations worldwide. Furthermore, Corvus partnered with fuel cell technology leader, Toyota, to develop a fuel cell system tailored to stringent maritime standards.

Based on this vast experience, Corvus Energy collaborates with partners, institutions and clients to provide consulting services. Advisory projects range from system design to operational efficiency improvements and more.

Marine battery energy storage consultancy services from the market leader

Examples of Corvus Energy battery energy storage consulting services include:

  • Comparing actual battery system use against predefined Battery System Specifications to identify potential deviations.
  • Identifying solutions to mitigate any use or conditions that deviate from the predefined system specifications
  • Propose solutions if actions are needed to achieve an estimated system life span
  • Providing expert reports on relevant performance data to vessel owners
  • Consulting projects for design companies, system integrators, shipyards, shipowners
  • System Design: Battery sizing and lifetime calculations
  • System Upgrades: increasing the capacity of an existing ESS
  • System Retrofits: installing ESS on existing vessels

Advancing marine battery technology through Big Data and Machine Learning

As the marine energy storage system provider with the largest installed base of systems worldwide, Corvus maintains the largest dataset of maritime battery system operational data. With system performance data collected from 2015 through today, this dataset is unmatched industrywide. By analyzing actual battery system use across a wide dataset we can improve predictive algorithms and gain insights to optimize system performance.

Corvus uses Big Data and Machine Learning to conduct root-cause analysis, product development and quality improvements working jointly with clients and partners. Learn more about Corvus Energy digital solutions.

Extending zero-emission vessel operations with marine fuel cell systems

Learn more about the joint effort led by Corvus in partnership with Toyota to develop and produce PEM fuel cell systems for the global marine industry.