To further utilize the full potential of Corvus Energy within several of the UN SDGs, we have initiated the Sustainability Initiative to establish our ambition to ensure sustainable development throughout the Company and externally with our stakeholders, partners and suppliers.



Sustainability is firmly placed within our mission; Powering a Clean Future. The core of sustainability in Corvus Energy is centered around the Products we offer to the market. The immediate break-even point of GHG and NOx emissions for the Maritime industry by installing ESS solutions are directly in-line with UN SDG #13 Climate Action.




How we affect the people in and around the Company determines how successful we are in making sustainable products. Safe and fair working conditions, competence acquisition and sharing, contributions to communities, partnerships with local businesses and charitable organizations, etc. are all part of our Cradle-to-Grave philosophy for our product portfolio and technology development.



Apart from the immediate reduction of GHG and NOx emissions our products offer to the Maritime industry, we acknowledge that throughout the Cradle-to-Grave perspective we affect the planet in other ways. Through a conscious supply chain footprint strategy, Life Cycle Analysis for products, Product Development, Support Second Life solutions, Clean Energy operated facilities, recycling, reusage of material, waste management etc., we are capturing the bigger picture to ensure sustainable development on our planet.



What we say, how we act, and how we choose to react will influence not only ourselves but also those around us. Corporate Governance set a commitment to act as we say in a responsible manner. Through our Code of Conduct policy, Strategies for responsible sourcing, consumption and production, ethically sourced raw material in cooperation with external partners, sustainable R&D and Product Development, etc. we strive to uphold the integrity level