It seems the world is realising the potential of maritime energy storage systems (ESS). These systems lower costs and emissions by implementing both hybrid and fully electric solutions. It is a game changer!

In just 10 years Corvus Energy has grown to be the leading provider of Energy Storage Solutions for the maritime industry. By combining battery excellence and our maritime DNA we have succeded in developing a full product range capable of radically reducing emissions from shipping as the technology is developed for more and more vesseltypes and other maritime applications. It is our expressed ambition to continue leading the technological solutions of tomorrow because this drives sustainable shipping forward.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are areas of strategic importance to Corvus Energy. The company’s strategic and commercial priorities must help ensure sustainable development and make our operation attractive to our diverse stakeholders: shareholders, authorities, customers, suppliers, collaborative partners, employees or voluntary organisations.

Through the entire valuechain from design and procurement through production and operation of  installed maritime battery systems, re-use and final recycling is an important part of our strategy.

99,9% of our batteries weight can be recycled. However, when a lithium-Ion battery has served onboard a ship for their intended use and lifetime, the remaining capacity can be used for other purposes. By having a close monitoring of the batteries through the entire design life, we can optimize and propose value added proposition to our Customers.