Life Cycle Service Program

Get the most out of your battery energy storage system throughout the entire system lifetime with the Corvus Energy Life Cycle Service Program.

Our industry-leading service program and continuous monitoring tool help you protect your system investment and optimize system use for maximum energy efficiency and system longevity.

The Corvus Energy Life Cycle Service Program commences after the Customer Acceptance Test (CAT) of a new Corvus system. The program includes 24/7 technical support, remote troubleshooting, continuous performance monitoring, proactive performance improvement recommendations, and more.

The Corvus Life Cycle Service Program includes:

  • 24/7 technical support – operated by skilled Corvus Services Engineers
  • Vessel Information Portal – remote monitoring and performance analytics
  • Support on alarms and incidents handling according to agreed SLA standards
  • Required QHSE and incident handling training programs for vessel crew
  • Inventory list of spare parts and online spares requests
  • Expert advisory report on system usage and performance
  • Performance Warranty
  • Options for battery End of Life/Recycling
  • 20% discount on spare parts
  • 20% discount on training courses

Why monitoring system performance data matters.

Each battery or fuel cell system is designed to a specific operational profile. Operating within the intended design range improves energy efficiency and supports achieving the full estimated system life span. Conversely, not operating within the designed range reduces efficiency and can result in unintended wear-and-tear that reduces system longevity.

For these reasons, monitoring actual use is critical to get the most out of your system. To ensure the system is operated according to designed system specifications, Corvus Energy provides a continuous monitoring solution that reports system condition in near-real time, the Vessel Information Portal.

Continuous monitoring and near real-time performance insights available online 24/7 through the Corvus Energy Vessel Information Portal.

The Corvus Energy Vessel Information Portal is a secure online portal that provides intuitive dashboards and reporting tools to help you visualize and evaluate the performance of your Corvus systems.

With the portal you can continuously monitor battery condition, energy flows and key performance metrics anytime, from anywhere. Access to near-real-time performance data provides actionable information. It provides practical insights that you can apply to optimize system use, improve energy efficiency and proactively troubleshoot.