Corvus Energy is the leading provider of marine energy storage systems, with the most maritime battery systems installed worldwide.

More than 50% of the world’s hybrid and zero-emission vessels are equipped with Corvus Energy battery energy storage systems. With more than 1000 projects and 9 000 000 system operating hours accrued, hands-on experience gives us valuable feedback and enables us to continuously improve Corvus products and services to meet the highest standards in marine battery technology. At the forefront of maritime battery energy storage development, we strive to expand the capabilities of zero-emission operations to help ship owners and operators optimize energy consumption, save costs and emissions.

We are proud to provide our customers the highest-performing marine battery systems and the highest level of safety and services in the marine industry.

  • Proven performance and technology
  • Patented safety system
  • State-of-the-art monitoring system
  • Extensive module-based service program
  • Worldwide service and support
  • Lifecycle management
  • ESS monitoring via customer portal
  • Second life and recycling

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for marine battery energy storage.

Corvus Energy offers a range of energy storage systems in order to provide the right solution for every marine application. Optimize energy consumption and emissions reduction with the right battery system for each project.

Working with hundreds of clients taught us that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to optimize energy consumption and emissions savings. Operational profile, weight, space restrictions and other factors all influence battery energy storage system configuration, and energy demands vary for each project.

Based on extensive, field-proven experience, Corvus developed a full range of industry-leading marine energy storage systems. Learn more about our product range including the Corvus Orca, Blue Whale, Dolphin Energy NxtGen, and the BOB containerized battery room solution.

Why marine energy storage? Advantages of battery power for hybrid/electric propulsion.

From increased energy efficiency to reduced emissions, fuel consumption and maintenance costs, battery energy storage systems offer many benefits. Click here to learn more.

Rendering of a Corvus Dolphin Energy NxtGen Energy Storage System inside a vessel battery room

Corvus Dolphin Energy NxtGen ESS

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Corvus Blue Whale ESS

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Corvus Orca ESS

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Corvus BOB Containerized Battery Room

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