A responsible organization

We act with Integrity – by being honest and ethical in everything we do – our Code of Business

Everywhere Corvus Energy does business, we act with integrity. We all play an important part and take pride in the way we do business. Our actions and decisions have always been guided by and grounded in our values. In this way, we ensure we are honest, ethical, collaborative, and open in all our dealings, protecting our reputation and continue our journey of powering a clean future.

If you see something that isn’t right, raise your voice – My Voice.

We are all responsible for fostering a culture of corporate compliance and ethical behavior. All Suppliers and their employees are encouraged to notify Corvus Energy of any actual or suspected breaches of the expectations set out in our Company policies or any other suspicions of illegal activities or other forms of wrongdoing at the workplace, without fear of intimidation or reprisal.

The Norwegian Transparency Act

The Norwegian Transparency Act “Åpenhetsloven” entered into force on 1 July 2022. In compliance with this law, Corvus Energy has published an annual statement describing the steps taken to ensure safeguarding of fundamental human rights and decent working conditions. Should you have any other enquiries related to our Human Rights Performance, please contact us on: info@corvusenergy.com. If you use this channel, please include in the subject “Åpenhetsloven”.