Andrea D Alba

Hybrid and Digital Manager, Grimaldi Group

“The Grimaldi’s experience of the batteries onboard Cruise Roma and Cruise Barcelona up to now has been a wonderful experience. We are using the systems every day and we are removing a lot of emissions in both Roma and in Spain.

The systems have been designed for zero-emission in port stays and zero noise during the port stays, but thanks to installing batteries we also achieved other benefits. The security of the navigation has been improved a lot thanks to the blackout prevention so in case there is an issue with the shaft generator or auxiliaries the batteries are there to take the load.

Batteries for shortsea ships will be standard for maneuvering, for port stays and to improve safety in the future. Further out will see combination batteries with fuel cells end new energy carriers in addition to the batteries.”

Tamer Gecin

Director R&D, electrical systems Sanmar A.S.

“Batteries are perfect for tugboats and we see a huge increase in demand. More than 25% of our current new-build plan are now green vessels. High-quality equipment and adaptable solutions are key when electrifying vessels whether it is hybrid or all-electric and this will also ease the adaption of fuel cell later on. We have been following Corvus for many years so we know their vision and we know their experience. They offer batteries dedicated for marine applications and they are sector leaders. It is the most critical point when considering which supplier to choose.

This is why we contacted Corvus to build this long-term relationship.”

Marie Launes

Commercial Environmental Manager

“Eidesvik was the first offshore ship owner to explore the installations of battery hybrid power, and we have now installed batteries on 11 out of the 12 vessels we have in operation. Batteries make the energy systems on board our ships more intelligent and efficient, and the clear benefits are fuel savings and emission reductions. We are also seeing considerable reductions in maintenance cost as we reduce both the engine running hours and also the wear and tear on parts in the engine since the batteries allow us to operate the engines at more optimal load. For Eidesvik the battery hybrid revolution has been a great success, and these installations will also play a key role in our next big step which is the transition to new green energy carriers. “