Cruise and Ferry

As the leading manufacturer of energy storage systems for maritime application, Corvus Energy provides power to more hybrid and electric ferries than any other energy storage system providers.

Experience has taught us that there is large un-used potential for  batteries onboard cruise and passenger ferries.
Batteries reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and environmental impact. This has proven especially compelling as environmental regulations are becoming extensive.

In addition to advantages like peak-shaving, spinning reserve and supply backup power, our large capacity energy storage systems will enable larger vessels to operate at a zero-emission point for longer periods of time. This may be interesting for port entry/stay/exit and environmental operation such as in certain fjords and other emission-controlled areas.

From 20-minute fjord crossings to long ocean cruises, Corvus Energy has the experience to design hybrid or all-electric systems for your vessel.

Cruise and Ferry - Subsegments

AIDAperla. Photo: AIDA Cruises


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Yacht Savannah (2015)


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