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Hybrid and electric-powered solutions for clean, quiet and emissions-free cruise and ferry operations

Reducing carbon footprint and emissions

Emissions restrictions are increasingly common. International Maritime Organization regulations call for a forty-percent reduction in industry carbon emissions by 2030. Additionally, all vessels larger than 5000 Dwt, including passenger vessels ​and cruise ships, will need to utilize shore power or another zero-emission technology in port from 2030.​

Achieve zero-emission operations using marine battery energy storage and fuel cell systems.

Battery powered operations produce zero emissions and require zero fuel. Zero-emissions mode can be activated to sail in a fjord or other emissions restricted areas, maneuver in and out of port, or for port stays.

Ferries and passenger ships that recharge regularly and have sufficient energy storage capacity can operate at zero-emission levels using batteries alone. In contrast, larger vessels and vessels with long routes like cruise ships require additional technology to achieve zero-emission operations. Using battery energy storage, marine fuel cell systems and green fuels together extends the range of zero emissions operations.

Good for the environment, business operations and people

The benefits of hybrid and fully electric propulsion extend beyond reducing carbon emissions. Battery-powered operations improve energy efficiency, save fuel and reduce maintenance costs. Battery operations are also quiet, reducing noise pollution and improving passenger and crew experience.

Providing zero-emissions solutions for ferry and cruise ship operators and owners

We understand the challenges of fleet electrification and emissions reduction facing ferry and cruise line operators and owners. Corvus Energy is at the forefront of developing zero-emission solutions for the maritime sector and we have the experience and the team to help you find the solutions you need.

More than 50% of the world’s hybrid and all-electric maritime vessels are equipped with a Corvus Energy system.

Corvus Energy offers a full range of marine battery energy storage and fuel cell systems. Our products cater to a variety of vessel types and operational profiles, and we are the leading provider of marine energy storage systems worldwide. From all-electric fast ferries to hybrid-powered mega cruise lines, and more, we have a solution.

Corvus Energy powers more hybrid and electric ferries than any other marine battery system provider.

From fully electric powered 20-minute fjord crossings to hybrid electric solutions for long ocean cruises, Corvus Energy has provided marine energy storage systems for more than a hundred ferries and cruise vessels.

Many of the world’s first hybrid and electric powered maritime vessels use a Corvus system. This includes the first all-electric fast ferry, the first hybrid cruise ship, and the world`s largest fully electric lightweight Ro-Pax ferry. Click here to reference project examples.

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