Corvus Energy offer recycling services through our global network of recycling partners.

As a supplier of lithium-ion batteries and provider of zero-emission solutions for the ocean space, Corvus Energy takes environmental responsibility seriously. Sustainability and recycling are an important part of our strategy.

At Corvus, we strive to maintain a sustainable battery energy storage system lifecycle. This applies from design all the way through to end-of-life recycling. Corvus systems are almost fully recyclable, up to ninety-nine percent. Lithium and cobalt are recycled by extracting the minerals from products and infrastructure no longer in use.

Giving marine batteries a second life

At the end of the product lifecycle for a marine battery energy storage system, you can repurpose the batteries from the system to power another, second life application. In some cases, used batteries retain up to seventy percent of their original capacity.

As the world increasingly focuses on reducing carbon footprints, demand for used lithium-ion batteries is also increasing. When reuse is an option, we support reusing batteries in second life applications.

Recycling Services

In cases where reuse is not a viable solution, Corvus Energy works with a global network of recycling partners to properly dispose of system components. Corvus also provides services to take back batteries after the end of system design life.