Extraordinary conditions and uncompromised reliability are key factors for batteries to succeed under the sea surface. Energy is a scarce resource down there and we can help make it do more!

We have developed two different battery systems for subsea applications, which can help you tailormake the energy storage system to your specific needs.

Corvus Moray Energy is ideal for applications where high energy density compared with low discharge rates are required. For example, subsea energy banks for long-term power supply, and with very low self discharge. Ideal for fully electric ROVs.

Corvus Moray Power is the perfect solution where regeneration of energy is expected. Ideal for active heave compensation, buffer stations or high power rated subsea actuators, for example blowout prevention devices.


  • Reduced cable cross section to subsea installations
  • Redundant power backup for increased availability
  • Modular system, yet easy to integrate in standard subsea canisters
  • Dynamic master-slave topology for highest availability

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Heave Compensation

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ROV and Seabed

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