Life of a Corvus Battery

With sustainability in everything we do, Corvus work to keep our carbon footprints low.

Cobalt and Lithium are minerals central to the development and production of a fossil-free economy and sustainable solutions, and the demand of these minerals is continuously increasing. As a supplier of Lithium-ion batteries, Corvus Energy takes environmental responsibility seriously and recycling services is an important part of our strategy. Corvus Energy Lithium batteries are full serviceable and 99% recyclable by weight.

From first life to second life
Corvus is at the forefront of using cloud-based technology. By collecting data from the time of installation and through the entire life of a Corvus Energy ESS, we may monitor and analyse to give reports and benchmark data to customers, enable preventive and proactive services, and help ensure that second life opportunities and recycling is performed in the best possible way. Corvus digital capabilities include algorithms and Big Data Machine Learning programs for root-cause analysis, product development, quality improvements and innovative customer facing services.

To be sustainable in several stages in our value chain we are an excellent choice for our customers providing high quality product with low environmental impact.