Corvus Energy Market Segments


Corvus Energy has since the start successfully tested out ESS technology on a constantly expanding variety of vessels. With today’s installed fleet counting more than 400 projects and more than 320 MWh installed and millions of operating hours, we cover all segments on the ocean surface, in port as well as subsea applications.

One thing we have learned is that there is no one-size-fits-all for batteries. Different applications and different operational profiles require different technology to optimize the emission savings.

This is why our product portfolio now covers 7 different maritime batteries, all developed to meet the specific requirements of different market segments and custom-designed to reduce as much emissions as possible. This is also the reason why we also have joined forces with Toyota – the world-leading provider of fuel cell technology to develop maritime hydrogen fuel cell systems for the maritime industry – to enable ships sail emission-free on longer distances.

Cruise and Ferry

Cruise, Ferry, Yachts

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Oil and Gas, Offshore support vessels

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Fishing and Aquaculture

Fishing, Fish Farming and Aquaculture

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Tugs and Workboats

Tugs, Workboats

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Subsea Heave Compensation, ROV and Seabed

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Deep sea, Short sea

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