Corvus Energy Market Segments

Corvus Energy is the leading supplier of zero-emission solutions for maritime, offshore and port applications, offering a full range of energy storage and fuel cell systems. Our experience and product range enable us to provide the right solution for each marine application.

Leading electrification across maritime segments

Corvus Energy are pioneers of safe and reliable marine battery energy storage systems and offer solutions for almost every vessel type and maritime application.

Corvus has the largest installed base of marine energy storage systems in operation worldwide. More than 50% of the world’s hybrid and all-electric maritime vessels are equipped with a Corvus Energy system.

This includes many of the world’s first all-electric and hybrid-powered vessels in several segments. For example, the first all-electric fast ferry, tanker, workboat, harbour tugboat, commercial fishing vessel, and more use a Corvus system. Among hybrid-powered vessels, the first hybrid/electric cruise ship, Ro-Pax, OSV, tanker, and tugboat all have a Corvus system onboard.

Tailored solutions for each marine application

Working with over 1,000 projects and millions of system operating hours, have taught us that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for marine electrification and decarbonization. Different applications and different operational profiles require different technology to optimize energy efficiency and emission savings.

The ultimate goal is to optimize energy efficiency for each vessel or application, according to the specific operational profile. For this reason, Corvus Energy developed a full range of energy storage and fuel cell systems in order to provide the right solution for every marine application.

Enabling zero-emission operations for more vessel types using batteries and fuel cells together.

Vessels that recharge often or have enough energy storage capacity, such as harbour tugs and some ferries, can operate at zero-emission levels using all-electric battery power alone. Unfortunately, for many vessels, including Ro-Ro ships, fishing vessels, and short sea vessels, this is not an option.

However, increasingly more near shore and short sea vessels are able to achieve zero-emission operations by using battery energy storage, marine fuel cells and green fuels together.

Working jointly with leading fuel cell provider, Toyota, Corvus Energy developed a marine fuel cell system to expand the range of zero-emission solutions available to the maritime sector.

Cruise and Ferry

Hybrid Powered Cruise Ships, Electric and Hybrid Ferries, Electric and Hybrid Yachts

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Corvus is the leading provider of marine battery energy storage systems for maritime applications, including electric and hybrid tugboats and workboats.

Tugs and Workboats

Electric and Hybrid Tugboats, Electric and Hybrid Workboats

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Offshore Wind

Non Vessel Wind Installations, Offshore Wind Installation Vessels, Offshore Wind Service Vessels

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Offshore Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas, Offshore support vessels

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Fishing and Aquaculture

Fishing, Fish Farming and Aquaculture

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merchant vessel


Deep sea vessels, Hybrid short sea merchant vessels

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Corvus Energy is the leading provider of marine energy storage systems, including solutions for hybrid port equipment and electric vessel charging.


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Subsea Heave Compensation, ROV and Seabed

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