Digital Solutions

Our industry leading Life Cycle Service Program supports and care for your ESS investment throughout the Lifetime of your investment. Corvus is at the forefront of using cloud-based technology.

We have created a state-of-the-art data architecture on the Microsoft Azure Industrial IoT Platform. In our Customer Portal, Vessel Information Portal, users will benefit from continuous monitoring and reporting services, advisory reports, and other services to improve optimization and usage for the full design life. 

Vessel Information Portal Demo Video

Corvus digital capabilities include algorithms and Big Data Machine Learning programs for root-cause analysis, product development, quality improvements and innovative customer facing services.

Corvus has developed a standardized API for cloud to cloud sharing of selected operational data with ship owners and academic institutions in a secure way.

Through this, Corvus provides unrivalled timeseries of data back to 2015 for research institutions which enables improved algorithms and knowledge about battery usage to ensure optimized usage for the full design life and second life usage.