Digital Solutions

Corvus Energy cloud-based technology provides industry-leading digital solutions to monitor and optimize marine battery energy storage system performance.

Get the most out of your energy storage system with near real-time performance insights, available online 24/7 through the Corvus Energy Vessel Information Portal.

The Corvus Vessel Information Portal provides intuitive dashboards and reporting tools to visualize and evaluate energy storage system performance. Monitor energy flows, critical system information and key metrics anytime, from anywhere. Gain insights to optimize battery system use, improve energy efficiency and proactively troubleshoot.

Why monitoring performance data matters.

Each battery system is designed to a specific operational profile. As a result, operating within the designed range improves energy efficiency and can extend the lifetime of the system. Conversely, not operating within the designed range reduces efficiency and can cause unintended wear-and-tear. For these reasons, monitoring actual use is critical to get the most out of your battery system.

A user-friendly tool to help you make high-quality, data driven decisions.

The color-coded user experience of the Corvus Vessel Information Portal makes it easy determine if your energy storage system is being operated within optimal parameters. Additionally, visualizations help stakeholders understand system behavior, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Fleet Benchmarking

Get a total overview of energy storage system performance across your entire fleet in one dashboard. Compare vessels and drill down to review factors such as temperature, state of charge and cycle equivalent.

Performance data enables Condition Based Monitoring

Condition Based Monitoring (CBM), a type of predictive maintenance, supports operational planning. It involves using sensors to measure the operational status of an asset over time. As a result, data collected can be used to establish trends, predict failure and calculate the remaining life of an asset.

Vessel Information Portal Demo Video

Corvus Energy customers access the Corvus Energy Vessel Information Portal as part of the Life Cycle Service Program. Its state-of-the-art data architecture is created on the Microsoft Azure Industrial IoT Platform. Preview the system via the demo video below.

Digital Solutions: Leverage Big Data and Machine Learning to access insights from 8-years of collective marine energy storage system performance.

Corvus has an unrivalled timeseries of marine battery system performance data.

As the provider of the largest installed base of maritime energy storage systems, including over 50% of hybrid and all-electric vessels worldwide, the Corvus dataset is unmatched industry wide. With data collected from 2015 through today, this unique dataset provides opportunities for innovative data-driven insights and solutions.

Advancing marine battery technology through Big Data and Machine Learning

By analyzing actual battery system use across a wide dataset we can improve predictive algorithms and gain insights to optimize system performance. Additionally, Corvus uses Big Data and Machine Learning to conduct root-cause analysis, product development and quality improvements working jointly with clients and partners. Corvus developed a standardized API for cloud to cloud sharing of select operational data with ship owners and academic institutions in a secure way.