Tugs and Workboats

Being the first vessels to test maritime energy storage technology we have a long and successful story with tugs and other workboats.

Installing energy storage systems on tugs drastically decreased costs and environmental impact whilst simultaneously increasing general safety. In the start of 2019, the testing of the very first zero-emission workboats have been carried out and by the end of the year we plan to be part of the pioneering that is zero emissions workboats.

As the first innovative shipowners started installing energy storage systems (ESS) the benefits of such systems became clear and the nature of savings related to ESS revealed themselves to be drastic. This in addition to meeting the stifling pollution requirements fuelling our innovation makes Corvus Energy storage systems the natural choice for any shipowner.

Corvus energy has experience working with shipowners, ship designers as well as integrators in order to optimize energy consumption through continuous development of the best possible energy storage system.

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