Tugs and Workboats

Electric and hybrid tugs and workboats were among the first maritime vessels to use marine battery energy storage systems.

Now a well-proven technology, use of battery systems in electric and hybrid tugs and workboats can significantly decrease vessel emissions and operational costs, while improving energy efficiency and safety.

Tugboats and workboats are ideal candidates for battery powered operations.

It’s easier for electric and hybrid tugboats, workboats and towboats that primarily operate near shore, in inner harbour or in inland waterways to have access to recharge regularly. This makes them ideal candidates to use battery energy storage for its energy efficiency, emissions reduction and operational cost saving benefits.

Green harbours and emissions restricted areas

All-electric, battery-powered vessel operations produce no emissions and no noise. This enables vessels to operate in emissions restricted zones and helps ports, ship owners and operators reduce their environmental impact.

Early adopters of battery systems and zero-emission technology

Among the first vessel to adopt of battery technology, hybrid diesel / electric powered tugs and workboats have been in operation since as early as 2011. The first fully electric, zero emission tugs and workboats entered the market more recently in 2019.

Powering the first fully electric tugboat and workboat

As vessel operators and owners embarked on the decarbonization of their fleets, Corvus Energy was active from the beginning. Many of the world’s first hybrid and fully electric powered maritime vessels use a Corvus system. This includes the first electric tugboat, first electric workboat, and the first hybrid / electric powered tugboat.

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Corvus Energy powers more electric and hybrid ships than any other marine battery system provider.

Corvus Energy is the leading provider of safe and reliable marine battery energy storage systems. Worldwide, over 50% of hybrid and fully electric maritime vessels are equipped with a Corvus system.

Our marine energy storage and fuel cell products

Corvus Energy offers a full range of marine battery energy storage and fuel cell systems for a variety of maritime applications. We work with shipowners, ship designers, and integrators to help them optimize energy efficiency and select the correct system to achieve their operational goals.

Why marine energy storage? Advantages of battery power for hybrid/electric propulsion.

From increased energy efficiency to reduced emissions, fuel consumption and maintenance costs, battery energy storage systems offer many benefits. Click here to learn more.

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Corvus Energy is the leading provider of marine battery energy storage systems to power electric and hybrid tugboats. Pictured is one of the first hybrid electric tugboats delivered with a Corvus battery system.

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