The Corvus Energy Journey

Powering a clean future

Pioneers in energy storage

The combination of battery technology excellence and maritime DNA has made Corvus Energy the pioneers within Maritime ESS.

For the past ten years, Corvus Energy has been leading the way in how battery technology is used by developing new technology and exploring new ways of using energy storage to optimize the energy consumption and reduce cost and emissions.

Below you can see some of the highlights.

Corvus Energy is founded in Vancouver, Canada

The meeting between a battery expert who had been working on automotive and a naval architect that had been trying to make hybrid ships with lead acid batteries became the start of Corvus Energy. They saw the opportunity to make high quality batteries for maritime applications.  The first office was in a garage in the area of Richmond.



First maritime ESS AT6500 is developed by Corvus Energy

AT6500 was the first maritime battery to be launched in the world. To be rugged enough to survive in marine applications and to be able to scale.  Adoption is slow


The very first marine installation - Hybrid Tug Campbell Foss for Foss Maritime


Prototyping projects

Industrial Electrical Vehicles. Commercial trucking for Peterbilt and Kenworth.


Delivery of ESS for Viking Lady – First OSV to validate batteries.

Delivery of Energy Storage system to Eidesvik making Viking Lady the world’s first hybrid Offshore Support Vessel.


Princess Benedicte – Worlds first 1000+ PAX Hybrid Ferry - 2,6MWh ESS

Delivery of Energy Storage System for Princess Benedicte that  was commissioned for retrofit in Copenhagen, Denmark by Scandlines, May 2013. The vessel is owned by scandlines and  sails the Puttgaten- Rødby Route


First delivery of ESS for Port cranes

After having success in maritime applications Corvus Energy were introduced to ZPMC to make hybrid port cranes.


BW group invests in Corvus Energy

Global shipping company BW invests in Corvus Energy


Energy dense pack for Echo Ranger UUV - First time lithium Ion batteries has been used for subsea applications.

Echo Ranger is used  for persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.  Echo Ranger has an endurance of up to 28 hours and can dive to depths of 3000 m.


Corvus Energy opens office in Bergen, Norway

Corvus Energy experiences a rapid growth between 2013 and 2015 and sees the need for an office in Europe as the main customers are here. Halvard Hauso is hired and starts up office in Bergen.


Delivery of ESS for the famous car ferry Ampere - World's first all electric car ferry

Corvus Energy supplied the battery system used by the famous and world’s first all-electric ferry, Ampere. The ferry has in 2019 travelled the distance equal to 7 times around the world. Cost is reduced by 60% and emissions by 95% compared to a traditional ferry on diesel.


Selfa Arctic AS Karoline – Worlds first Hybrid Fishing Vessel

Corvus Energy delivered batteries for the first Hybrid Fishing vessel, Karoline in collaboration with Siemens. The small, one-of-a-kind vessel is equipped with two battery packs that have a total capacity of 195 kWh, as well as a 500-litre diesel engine, which together power the boat for a full day of fishing in the Norwegian Sea.


Statoil – now Equinor invests in Corvus Energy

Statoil Technology Invest – now Equinor makes a strategic investment in Corvus Energy


Corvus deliver ESS for TESO – Texelstroom – Worlds Greenest Ro-Pax Ferry

When launched, TESO was the world’s greenest Ro-Pax ferry and the first  vessel to utilize a CNG battery solar configuration.


Orca ESS – First Maritime ESS with single cell – level TR isolation

First true Maritime battery with  Passive single cell TR insulation was was launched by Corvus Energy.


Boeing Echo Voyager – World's first Long range Underwater Autonomous Vehicle

Delivery of ESS for The Boeing Echo Voyager, an unmanned, undersea vehicle (UUV) that was unveiled earlier this month, can operate autonomously at sea for months at a time.


ESS contract for delivery to the first Hybrid Chemical tanker

Corvus Energy supplied ESS for the world’s first hybrid chemical tanker being built for Rederiet Stenersen AS of Norway.


Corvus powers world's first hybrid fish farm vessel

Corvus Energy supplied ESS storage system  for the world’s first full service hybrid fish farm processing and transport vessel. The Orca Energy ESS from Corvus supplies electrical power to the vessels’ propulsion system to enable environmentally-friendly and lower cost operations.


Global aluminum and industry giant Norsk Hydro takes over 25,9% of the shares in Corvus Energy

Norwegian aluminum supplier Hydro invests in Corvus Energy. Hydro purchased 25.9% of the shares in Corvus Energy which is jointly held by BW Group, Statoil Technology Invest and investors affiliated with El Cuervo Holdings Limited Partnership


Office is opened in Singapore

Corvus Energy opens up office in Singapore to serve the APAC area.


Office is opened in Seattle

Corvus Energy opens up office in Seattle, USA to serve the American market


Geir Bjorkeli takes over as CEO of Corvus Energy

Geir Bjørkeli takes over as CEO in Corvus Energy and starts on a rapid journey to growth.


World's first DP3 vessel with energy storage

Corvus Energy delivered energy storage system for the world’s first subsea construction vessel using ESS for DP3


First Zero Emission Tug

Delivery of ESS for first zero emission tug. The design is made by Navtek and the tug will operate in the harbour of Istanbul


First Hybrid fast ferry

Corvus Energy delivers batteries for the world’s first hybrid fast ferry.


Corvus Energy acquires Grenland Energy AS


Corporate office is moved from Vancouver, Canada to Bergen, Norway


Launch of groundbreaking new battery for cruise ships and Ro-Pax – Corvus Blue Whale


New fully automated factory to be built in Norway