Cost-efficient, Scalable Marine Fuel Cell Systems

To support our customers to push the limits of zero-emission operations, we have added Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems to our product portfolio.

Near shore vessels and vessels that can charge often enough, can be zero-emission on batteries alone, but vessels travelling on longer distances will need clean fuels and fuel cells to cut their emissions further.

Adding fuel cells to battery technology is an important part of the energy transition to reduce emissions from shipping.

The Corvus Pelican Fuel Cell System was developed through the three year long H2NOR project. The project was initiated by Corvus Energy, Toyota and other partners to fast-track the development and production of safe and scalable marine hydrogen fuel cell systems. The result is an Inherently gas safe marine fuel cell system

Leveraging on our unparalleled track record within maritime zero-emission solutions, the hydrogen-fueled Corvus Pelican Fuel Cell System will help our customers push climate-friendly operations even further. The building block of our fuel cell system is a PEM fuel cell module, supplied by Toyota. As a world-leading fuel cell manufacturer, Toyota ensures top quality, safety, and market availability. 

Batteries and Fuel cells are best friends

Batteries and Fuel cells are best friends.  Batteries handle the load variations perfectly, and fuel cell systems need stable load conditions. Together they are ideal partners.

The Corvus Fuel Cell system can serve as the main power source or as an additional power source to increase fuel flexibility onboard. With water being the only exhaust, the Corvus Fuel Cell system will allow your ship to operate in any harbor and protected area today and in the future. 

To ensure optimal load distribution, Corvus Energy has developed a CoPilot to be supplied together with the Corvus fuel cell and battery systems. 

Realizing synergies:  The Corvus Copilot – The fuel Cell – Battery Information System

Leveraging on Corvus’ operational data and experience with battery management, the Corvus CoPilot supports system integrators to optimally distribute power between fuel cells and batteries (or other power sources). The operational cost of the system will be minimized by considering the real-time cost of degradation and energy consumption of each component. The CoPilot will also ease the operation of a hybrid power system by reducing the control parameters exposed to the crew. The results are prolonged lifetime, more efficient operation, simplified integration effort and reduced total cost.

H2NOR Development Project

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Corvus Energy Pelican Fuel Cell System

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