Cost-efficient, Scalable Marine Fuel Cell Systems

To support our customers to push the limits of zero emission operations, Corvus Energy has added Fuel Cell Systems to our product portfolio.

The Corvus Fuel Cell System converts the chemical energy in the hydrogen fuel to electric energy through electrochemical reactions. In addition to the Corvus Fuel Cell System, a complete fuel cell power system consists of the fuel being supplied from a fuel storage tank and a gas processing system.

In contrast to battery systems, hydrogen has higher energy density and faster bunkering/charging time. These features make fuel cells more suitable for applications with longer transits and more time in-between each charging point. In combination with batteries or other types of engines, fuel cells can improve efficiency, add fuel flexibility and extend operation range.

Fuel cells have the potential of eliminating emissions and noise, and the energy efficiency can be higher than for conventional combustion engines. Other potential benefits include reduced maintenance, modular and flexible design, and higher efficiency under part loads.

Corvus Fuel Cell Systems

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H2NOR Development Project

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