Offshore Oil & Gas

The potential for fuel savings and emission reductions in offshore applications has proven significant.

In both the vessels that support offshore operations and onboard the rigs themselves, batteries are increasingly being used in hybrid-power and propulsion systems. This effectively reduces fuel consumption, maintenance costs and environmental footprint. With the increase in environmental regulations surely being a foreshadowing of what is to come we are proud to present the solution for both the environment and the industry.

Batteries support the diesel generators in all parts of the offshore operation. This is done by keeping the machine at optimal efficiency whilst the battery functions both as a peak-shaver and a load leveller not to mention their ability to act as a spinning reserve and supplier of backup power. This results in a need for fewer and different generators directly saving fuel cost and maintenance cost.

From the North-sea to the Gulf of Mexico, from offshore construction to drilling operations, Corvus Energy is supplying energy storage systems (ESS) to many diverse segments around the globe.

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