The Marine Hybrid Battery is Here

In 2009, Corvus Energy (Richmond, Canada) began working on a next-generation battery to provide energy storage for commercial marine propulsion. In the five years since, the company has defined a new industry and built itself into a market leader. 

Mention the word ‘hybrid’ and people immediately think of the Toyota Prius; the not-so-attractive economy car preferred by coffee-house enthusiasts around the world. Most people don’t think of offshore supply vessels in winter storms in the North Sea, tugboats safely escorting chemical tankers through busy ports, or 700-foot-long passenger ferries running on a near 24-hours-a-day schedule, day in and day out. 

But Corvus Energy does, and these vessels are the reason they designed the award-winning industrial lithium battery used in most commercial hybrid vessels on the water today. 

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