Fish Farming and Aquaculture

Smart energy solutions saves costs and emissions.

Fish farming and aquaculture is a rapidly growing industries with an increasingly growing footprint in nearshore locations. By taking advantage of ESS technology, the potential reductions in fuel consumption, emissions and noise from various operations are significant.

The unused potential is huge for vessels in operation in and around the fish farms, such as fish carriers, fish processing and fish farm support vessels. By utilizing energy storage to supply electrical power to the vessels’ propulsion system and other operations, operators can save large amount of fuel, lower costs for operations, cut emissions and reduce noise for their crew.

On the fish farms, Corvus ESSs can provide energy storage for solar panels and windmills, to save excess energy from generators, and help the generators run at an optimal load. Stored energy can be used for zero-emissions or noise-free operation at night or other selected times.

Fish Farming and Aquaculture - Subsegments

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