Corvus Orca Energy

Designed and built specifically for the maritime industry, the Orca ESS product line from Corvus Energy represented a shift in maritime Energy Storage when launched in 2016. No other ESS can compete with the installation count of Orca Energy. Outstanding results and the highest level of safety has set the new industry standard for maritime batteries.

When launched, Corvus Energy combined its industry leading research & development capabilities and knowledge gained from having the largest global installed base of ESS solutions, to build the industry’s safest, most reliable, highest-performing and most cost-effective maritime ESS.


Orca Energy is ideal for applications that are primarily energy capacity driven, moving large amounts of energy at an inexpensive lifetime cost per kWh. Orca ESS is suitable for both all-electric and hybrid installations.

  • Ferries
  • Cruise ships
  • Ro/Ro – Ro/Pax
  • Yachts
  • Offshore vessels
  • Rigs
  • Tugs
  • Fishing vessels
  • Merchant vessels
  • Port cranes
  • Shore charging
  • Fish farms


  • Highest C-Rates in the industry – up to a 6C peak C-rate
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Low installation and commissioning time
  • Contained power connections – enhanced reliability
  • Enhanced EMI immunity design for maritime environments
  • Safety beyond class requirements
  • Designed for pack voltages up to 1200VDC
  • Scalable beyond 10MWh
  • Industry-proven 4th generation BMS
  • Easily monitored through the Watchman™ ESS Advisory Portal

Corvus Energy safety innovations

Passive-Single -Cell-level Thermal Runaway (TR) Isolation

  • True cell-level thermal runaway isolation – TR does not propagate to neighbouring cells
  • Isolation NOT dependent on active cooling


Exceeds Class and Flag standards TR Gas venting

  • Integrated thermal runaway gas exhaust system
  • Easily vented to external atmosphere rather than the battery room


Additional fire suppression system not required.

Technical Specifications

Performance Specifications
C-Rate - Peak6C
C-Rate - Continous3C
Operational Specifications
Pack Sizing350-1200V/ 38-136kWh
Standard Pack example
VoltageMax: 1100 VDC I Nominal: 980 VDC I Min: 800 VDC
CoolingForced Air/ Liquid Cooling
Dimensions (vertical)Height: 2241mm I Width: 865mm I Depth: 738mm
Dimensions (Horizontal)Height: 1260mm I Width: 1730mm I Depth: 738mm
Weight1620kg (3571lb)
General Specifications
EMCIEC 61000-4, CISPR16-1, 2, IEC60945-9
Ingress ProtectionSystem: IP44
Vibration and ShockUN 38.3, DNV 2.4, IEC 60068-2-6
Class ComplianceDNV-GL, Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, ABS
Type ApprovalDNV-GL, Bureau Veritas, ABS, RINA
Safety Specifications
Voltage Isolation7,2 kV (IEC 60947-2)
Thermal Runaway anti-propagationCell-level; DNV-GL Pt.6 Ch.2, NMA 2016 circular
Fire suppression reccomendedPer SOLAS (machinery space)
Disconnect circuitHardware-based fail-safe-for over-temp, over voltage
Maximum current parameterUpdated 2x per second
Faults communicatedOver-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature
Short Circuit protectionFuses included
Disconnect switchgear ratingFull load
Emergency stop circuitHard-wired
Ground fault detectionIntegrated

Market Segments

Cruise and Ferry

Ro-Pax, Car ferry, Cruise, Ferry, Yachts, Passenger

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DP2 vessels, DP3 Vessels, Oil and Gas, Offshore support vessels

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Fishing and Aquaculture

Fishing, Fish Farming and Aquaculture

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Tugs and Workboats

Tugs, Workboats

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Heave Compensation, ROV and Seabed

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Deep sea, Short sea

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