Corvus Dolphin Energy

The Dolphin ESS from Corvus Energy is specifically designed for lightweight applications.

Outstanding energy density and power density combined with the highest level of safety has set the new industry standard.


Corvus Dolphin Energy is tailored towards ships with long slow charges and discharges and where lightweight is essential: Tourist, sightseeing and canal boats which sail at slow to moderate speeds are ideal use cases for Dolphin Energy.


  • Low weight
  • Flexible, modular design
  • Easy to install
  • Designed for pack voltages up to 900 VDC
  • Scalable from <20 kWh to >2 MWh  
  • Supports currents up to 100A max per pack
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Easy and safe installation – plug and play connections with no risk of electrical shock for personnel
  • Reduces fuel, emissions, noise and maintenance
  • Industry-proven Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Remote monitoring

Corvus Energy safety innovations

Passive-Single-Cell-level Thermal Runaway (TR) Isolation

  • True cell-level thermal runaway isolation
  • TR does not propagate to neighboring cells
  • Isolation NOT dependant on active cooling



Technical Specifications

Performance Specifications
C-Rate - Peak1C
C-Rate - Continous0,5C
Operational Specifications
Pack Sizing130-900 V/11-77 kWh
Standard Pack example (6 modules)
Energy66 kWh
VoltageMax: 770 VDC I Min: 575 VDC
CoolingForced Air
Dimensions (Vertical)Height: 2110 mm I Width: 655 mm I Depth: 350 mm
Dimensions (Horizontal)Height: 655 mm I Width: 2110 mm I Depth: 350 mm
Weight375 kg (827lb)
General Specifications
Ingress ProtectionSystem: IP23
Vibration and ShockUN 38.3, DNV 2.4
Class ComplianceDNV-GL
Safety Specifications
Thermal Runaway anti-propagationCell-level; DNV-GL Pt.6 Ch.2, NMA 2016 circular
Fire suppression recomendedInert gas
Disconnect circuitCell individual fail-safe-for over-temp, over voltage
Maximum current parameterUpdated 2x per second
Faults communicatedOver-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, communication
Short Circuit protectionFuses included (3 levels)
Disconnect switchgear ratingFull load
Emergency stop circuitHard-wired
Ground fault detectionIntegrated

Market Segments

Cruise and Ferry

Ro-Pax, Car ferry, Cruise, Ferry, Yachts, Passenger

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DP2 vessels, DP3 Vessels, Oil and Gas, Offshore support vessels

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Fishing and Aquaculture

Fish farm support vessel, Fish farms, Fishing, Fish Farming and Aquaculture

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Tugs and Workboats

Tugs, Workboats

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Subsea Heave Compensation, ROV and Seabed

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Deep sea, Short sea

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