Apart from the immediate reduction of GHG and NOx emissions our products offer to the Maritime industry, we acknowledge that throughout the Cradle-to-Grave perspective we affect the planet in other ways. Through a conscious supply chain footprint strategy, Life Cycle Analysis for products, Product Development, Second Life solutions, Facilities operated by renewable energy, recycling, reusage of material, waste management etc., we are dependant on capturing the entire picture to ensure sustainable development on our planet.

Environmental certification and management system

Corvus Energy Environmental Management System (EMS) is certified according to ISO 14001:2015.

We perform regular assessment of environmental requirements and expectations from Autorities, Classification Companies, Customers, Owners, Employees, Suppliers, Financial Institutions, Social Communities and Partners.

Annual objectives and monitioring

Our annual objectives for environmental performance are defined to ensure our operations and products strive for the benefit of our planet.

Performance are monitored regularly through Management Review and corrective actions taken if performance do not match up to defined objectives.

Significant Aspects & Impacts

We evaluate our entire operation towards the potential effects it applies to the environment and its stakeholders.

The principle of ALARP (As-Low-As-Reasonably-Practicable) is used to evaluate risk and ensure we operate within defined acceptance criterias.