Corvus Energy selected to provide batteries for the world`s first all-electric workboat for harbour rubbish collection

The new vessel designed for efficient collection of trash at the water surface will operate in Norway’s Port of Oslo

Bergen, Norway and Vancouver, Canada – April 09, 2019 – Corvus Energy will supply a 550kWh Energy Storage System (ESS) for a new all-electric skimmer workboat. The ESS will allow the boat to be in full working mode for four to five hours, and a full battery charge will take just 2 hours. In addition, the vessel has solar panels on board.

The vessel will be a replacement for the current litter skimmer boat Pelikan which during the course of 30 years has picked up about 1,500 tons of trash from the Oslo harbour water surface.

The 12-metre long aluminum vessel will be built by Grovfjord Mek. Verksted (GMV). Its deck will be equipped with a hydraulic front-loading basket in the bow and a crane on each side. The boat will be powered by two electric propulsion engines and four electric side thrusters, allowing it to easily manoeuvre throughout the harbour and alongside quays. The combination of deck equipment, manoeuverability and energy storage will make this zero-emission skimmer workboat more effective and efficient than the previous one.

“We are proud to be chosen by the Port of Oslo for development of this innovative vessel, which is the world’s first as far as we know. It also shows that building competence on battery electric solutions has been the right strategic decision for us,” says Bård Meek-Hansen, Managing Director of GMV, a shipyard that specializes in aluminum workboats and previously built the world’s first fully-electric fish farm boat.

Roger Rosvold, Vice President Sales at Corvus Energy is clear in his predictions: “Electrifying workboats in harbours has only just begun. For example, the Navtek ZeeTUG zero-emissions all-electric tug will take to the water this spring to operate in Istanbul harbour. We are confident that we will see a massive shift from diesel to battery on all kinds of harbour-going vessels due to substantial benefits. Battery power reduces emissions, which are increasingly regulated in many ports and harbours. Moreover, batteries are safer and quieter for the crew, and save both fuel and maintenance costs for the owners.”

Delivery of the new fully-electric vessel for the Port of Oslo is expected in December 2019 and will provide Norwegian ports experience with zero-emission solutions and valuable insight into building, using and improving the charging infrastructure for other workboats in the future.

About Corvus Energy

Corvus Energy provides high power energy storage in the form of modular lithium ion battery systems to the maritime industry. Its purpose-built, field-proven battery systems provide sustained power to hybrid and all-electric heavy industrial equipment, including large marine propulsion drives. Corvus Energy has amassed unsurpassed experience from 190+ projects, totalling over 200 MWh and more than 2 million operating hours.

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