20-40 m

200-500 kWh

A vessel with a green heart and blue conscience. The vessel operates in different modes. In the fully electric mode with zero emissions, the electrical power necessary for the operation of the ship is supplied by the batteries, with the diesel genset switched off. In hybrid mode, the required electrical power can be supplied both from the battery packs and from the diesel genset.

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name Ortze
Owner Ingeteam
Integrator Ingeteam
Segment Fishing and Aquaculture
Sub-segment Fish Farming and Aquaculture
Vessel type Fishing Vessel
ESS capacity 203 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Orca ESS
Delivery year 2019
Newbuild/Retrofit Retrofit
Vessel size 20 m x 6 m x 2,8 m
Area of Operation Spain
Charging time 10-12 h
Ship system Hybrid, All-electric
Bus Voltage 790-110 VDC
Flag state Spain

Estimated annual savings

0 %

diesel/year saved

0 %

CO2 emission reduction

Battery operation

Load Levelling

Peak Shaving

Zero Emissions Operations