MF Folkestad

70-100 m

2000-3000 kWh

MF Folkestad will be hybridized during the current year. The diesel engines will be replaced with power electronics. The ferry will be charged when it is located at the ferry quays in Volda and at Folkestad. In addition, there will be two smaller generators on board that will charge the ferry if the shore power drops out.

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name MF Folkestad
Owner Norled
Integrator Westcon
Segment Cruise and Ferry
Sub-segment Electric and Hybrid Ferries
Vessel type Car Ferry
ESS capacity 2712 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Orca ESS
Delivery year 2021
Ship yard Remontowa Shiprepair Yard
Newbuild/Retrofit Retrofit
Vessel size 87,6 m x 16,4 m x 3,85 m
Passenger capacity 295
Car capacity 90
Gross tonnage 1910
Deadweight tonnage 655
IMO no 9347011
Area of Operation Norway
Sailing route Volda–Folkestad 
Crossing time 13 min
Ship system Hybrid
Class DNV
Flag state Norway

Estimated annual savings

0 liters

diesel/year saved

0 t/year

CO2 emission reduction

Battery operation

Load Levelling

Peak Shaving

Spinning Reserve

Zero Emissions Operations