Cwind Pioneer


< 200 kWh

Named the CWind Pioneer to demonstrate its position at the forefront of crew transfer vessel innovation, the vessel was developed in response to an industry-wide push to develop and deploy innovative technologies that reduce CO2 emissions, while cost-effectively servicing windfarms located further offshore. The CWind Pioneer achieves this through a hybrid diesel and battery electric power system which enables the vessel to operate purely on battery power while in harbour or at standby in the windfarm, resulting in a decrease in fuel burn and CO2.

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name Cwind Pioneer
Owner Cwind
Integrator Solent Electrical Consultancy Marine
Segment Tugs and Workboats
Sub-segment Electric and Hybrid Tugboats
Vessel type SES
ESS capacity 109 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Dolphin Energy NxtGen ESS
Lightweight battery Yes
Delivery year 2020
Ship yard Wight Shipyard
Ship design ESNA
Newbuild/Retrofit Newbuild
Area of Operation Europe
Ship system Hybrid
Flag state United Kingdom

Estimated annual savings

Battery operation