Battery systems

Battery Management System

Corvus’ battery management system (BMS) is state-of-the-art. The requirements for safety and operational stability are more stringent than for many other large battery applications like stationary grid batteries and electric vehicles. Several hundred cells operate together in rugged environments where rapid, high-power cycling is the norm. Corvus’ engineering team is the first to develop a BMS suited for this use, where State of Charge-calculations and cell balancing has been tailored to high currents, sudden changes in voltage, long lifetime and operational predictability.


Experience from battery applications in both marine and other industries clearly show that safety is paramount. Batteries are live units with potential for discharge. Over-voltage, high temperature and physical abuse are situations which can increase the risk of uncontrolled discharge and thermal runaway.

Corvus’ passive single-cell isolation reduces the effects of a thermal event to a minimum, leading the gases out through a closed pipe system and preventing the heat from cascading to neighboring cells and modules. The system has been extensively tested and fulfills the strict requirements of Norwegian Maritime Authorities and multiple class societies.

Corvus Energy was also the first maritime ESS company to remove the risk of electric shock on personnel during installation. By placing all power connections at the back of the rack, the risk of making mistakes during connection was eliminated while also reducing installation time significantly.

Continuous innovation

With more than 2 million operating hours, Corvus has amassed a large database of operational data. This allows for data-driven innovation and problem solving, back-testing new innovations against previous experience.

And last, but not least – Corvus products are designed to look good.