Top hybrid and electric marine propulsion system integrators team up with Corvus Energy for ESS

On the occasion of being named 2017 Supplier of the Year by Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology journal for the third consecutive year, we at Corvus Energy would like to recognize the companies and the people who specify and integrate Corvus Energy ESS battery systems into their advanced marine propulsion systems.  These designers and executives share our vision of accelerating the shift to environmentally sustainable energy solutions.

Siemens—Leading the greening of the industry, Siemens has supplied propulsion systems for more hybrid and electric vessels than any other integrator. Vessels include Norled, Fjord1 and Scandlines fleet of hybrid ferries, a Norled all-electric ferry, as well as a variety of hybrid tugboat, fishing, and offshore drilling platform supply vessels.
“Siemens is an industry leader in the development of environmentally friendly propulsion technologies. For smaller vessels, we have developed BlueDrive PlusC, an extremely flexible, compact and high-capacity electric hybrid propulsion system which is designed to provide maximum efficiency. When integrated with a Corvus lithium ESS we can nearly eliminate all emissions.”
Ole Johan Hungnes, Sales Manager, Siemens Marine

Wärtsilä—Wärtsilä provided the propulsion systems for Norled’s full-electric ferry, Fogelfonn, and is currently retrofitting their second Eidesvik Offshore drilling platform supply vessel.
“Corvus Energy, and more specifically the Orca Energy ESS, was selected for its compelling safety, performance and return on investment. Based on the innovative approach of Orca and Corvus’ industry leading experience, ship owner Eidesvik has complete trust in this solution.”
Dag Håvard Håvardsholm, Wärtsilä

Elkon—Elkon of Turkey has provided the propulsion systems used in two Seaspan hybrid cargo ferries in British Columbia, Canada.
“Integrating the proven Corvus ESS technology into our new LNG-battery vessels will help us achieve our goal of minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, while reducing fuel consumption and operating costs. Corvus’ experience, industry leadership and safety record made it an easy decision to utilize their battery systems.”
Jonathan Whitworth, CEO, Seaspan

Aspin Kemp & Associates—Applied in hybrid tugboats and dive support vessels, Aspin Kemp & Associates has integrated Corvus Energy ESS into its hybrid propulsion systems.
“XeroPoint hybrid has been proven to offer significant benefits. The diesel-electric system illustrates our ability to allow the operator to configure their power plant based on their specific operational requirements, ultimately resulting in improved performance and safety.”
John Eldridge, Hybrid Project Manager, Aspin Kemp & Associates

BAE Systems—BAE Systems is supplying their HybriDrive Propulsion System in a 500-passenger tour boat, a hybrid catamaran dive platform and research lab, and a 132-foot Brigantine Tall Ship.
“Our ongoing collaboration with Corvus Energy adds significant value to our hybrid system programs, and we look forward to continuing that work.”
Yesh Premkumar, Project Manager of Fuel Cell and Maritime Programs, BAE Systems

Ingeteam—Ingeteam provided the propulsion system for Dutch operator TESO’s hybrid ferry.
“TESO’s investment shows our ongoing commitment to increasing efficiency in our systems. These efficiencies will not only benefit the company and customers in terms of reduced costs, but also the environment in terms of reduced emissions.”
Cees de Waal, Directeur, TESO

Halvorsen Power Systems—Halvorsen is taking the lead on the retrofit of a Norwegian marine research vessel.
“The Orca Energy ESS from Corvus was an extremely compelling solution for this application. By combining industry leading safety, performance and economic feasibility, Corvus has achieved the ultimate maritime ESS and we really enjoy working closely with the skilled and enthusiastic Corvus team.”
Hans Petter Heggebø, CEO, Halvorsen Power Systems

General Electric— GE’s Power Conversion business has built a marine power test facility and customer demonstration center that integrates  GE technologies and the Orca ESS from Corvus Energy, for merchant, naval and offshore applications.
“GE selected Corvus after a rigorous evaluation process, based on their superior safety, functionality and advanced design. We look forward to utilizing the Orca ESS to add significant value to our hybrid systems in our marine and other markets and to demonstrating it to our customers in our new customer demonstration center.”
Jon Childs, GE Marine Application Engineering

ACEL—The Norwegian integrator is doing testing across multiple maritime applications.
“ACEL selected Corvus based on their innovative leadership in the marine ESS market which is proven by the performance capabilities, safety and design of their new Orca ESS. We look forward to utilizing the Orca ESS to add significant value to our marine projects well into the future.”
Hans-Tore Jenssen, Department Manager Power System,  ACEL

CCCC Shanghai Equipment Engineering (CCCCSEE)—In a related maritime application, CCCCSEE has integrated Corvus Energy ESS into hybrid RTG port cranes for Shanghai’s Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co. (“ZPMC”), the world’s largest port crane manufacturer.
“CCCCSEE continues its corporate vision of industry leading engineering excellence with the advanced integration of energy storage technology to our port operations infrastructure, and Corvus technology is a cornerstone of this strategy. Corvus battery systems deployed last year have met and exceeded expectations in performance and cost savings. The proven performance, durability and reliability of its battery systems is ideally suited for the demands of our industrial applications.”
Gao Jianzhong, Chief Engineer, CCCCSEE

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