State of Health Battery System Testing

Gain insights that help you optimize the performance and lifetime of your marine energy storage system. Check the state of health of your system with Corvus Energy battery system testing services.

Marine battery energy storage systems are designed to perform for an estimated lifespan, measured in years after energized. Throughout the life of the system, ongoing monitoring and state of health battery system testing provide insights to help you optimize system use and energy efficiency gains.

Optimizing the lifetime of marine energy storage systems.

The estimated lifespan of an energy storage system is based on the mutually agreed operational profile, how the system will be used, and load profile specified during the system design phase. The load profile indicates the anticipated energy demand on the battery system. Operating the system within the parameters indicated in the design phase is key to achieving full system lifetime.

When systems are not operated as designed, this can result in decreased energy efficiency, unintended wear-and-tear, and reduced system lifetime. Ongoing monitoring and periodic state of health battery system testing can identify opportunities to improve system health and operation. This information, as a result, can help you extend the lifespan of your system.

Gain expert advice to help you get the most out of your system.

As the leading provider of marine energy storage systems (ESS), Corvus Energy can help you get the most out of your system. Corvus provides continuous system performance monitoring available online, 24/7 through the Corvus Vessel Information Portal. For more in-depth analysis and expert recommendations, Corvus offers State of Health testing services. In combination, these tools provide actionable insights that can help you improve the performance, productivity and lifespan of your ESS installation.

Corvus Energy State of Health Battery Testing Service

State of Health battery system testing provides insights to you help you understand how your system is performing and aging. Gauge current system capacity, as compared to the original capacity at the time of installation. Identify opportunities to improve performance and maximize system lifespan, and more.

The Corvus Energy State of Health testing service provides a comprehensive analysis and report regarding of the state of health of your energy storage system. It includes expert recommendations to improve system performance and lifetime. State of Health (SOH) test results are plotted the SOH chart in the Corvus Vessel Information Portal.