Electric and Hybrid Workboats

Corvus Energy supplies batteries for various types of workboats, ranging from small harbour vessels to larger workboats of various kinds, enabling energy optimization and zero-emissions operations.

Smart Energy Solutions

Taking advantage of the potential in energy storage, harbour and coastal workboats can significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. A hybrid workboat can save 40%-60% in fuel and emissions depending on size and operational profile. Smaller in-harbour workboats can be fully electric and save 100% fuel and have zero emissions.

For larger workboats and special vessels, utilizing an energy storage system (ESS) can allow the vessel to operate on battery power alone for hours at a time, without using the diesel engine, if sized correctly. In addition, they can operate on battery power alone when docked, with capability for the batteries to be recharged from an onshore power supply where available. Depending on power requirements in the different operations, the battery can help reduce number of engines running and help the engines run at optimal load. When running diesel electric, the battery is charged by the generators and stores the power for use later.

A huge benefit of the hybrid system for the vessel’s crew and for nearby marine life is that it cuts down on noise and vibration.