Electric and Hybrid Tugboats

Harbours around the world are adding restrictions requiring greener operations to reduce emissions significantly. Tugs typically operate in or close to harbours. This makes it particularly vital for them to adapt greener technology.

Using energy storage on board tugs makes lowering emissions possible. Corvus Energy supplies energy storage solutions to both fully electric, zero-emissions and hybrid tugboats.

Our extensive experience on power train and battery energy storage for tugs allows us to help our customers find the best possible solution, whether it is a hybrid or fully electric project.

Hybrid tugs:

Hybrid diesel electric tugboats can run on battery-power for several hours if needed, making them suitable to operate in both inner harbour areas and open sea. They offer the flexibility to run diesel electric on high loads and use battery power at low loads. Most of the time hybrid tugs run on low load using batteries, with access to power available instantaneously as needed.

Fuel savings and emissions reduction benefits of hybrid propulsion

Battery-powered vessel operations produce zero emissions and require zero fuel. Depending on battery size and the vessel operational profile, hybrid-powered tugs can typically reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 30-60% compared to traditional, diesel-powered tugboats.

Other benefits of hybrid propulsion

Hybrid-powered operations improve energy efficiency. The battery energy storage system levels the loads on the diesel engine. Less engine run time, supplemented by battery power, results in reduced engine wear-and-tear and maintenance. Safety is also improved. The batteries provide black-out support, an emergency backup power source in the case of engine failure.

All electric tugs, zero-emissions operations

Running only on battery power is ideal for inner harbour working tugs as they go short distances and can easily charge often. Fully electric powered tugboats produce zero emissions, require zero fuel, and operate noiselessly. This results in a reduction in fuel consumption and by 100% compared to diesel-powered tugs.

Powering the first hybrid and fully electric tugs

Corvus Energy is the leading provider of safe and reliable marine battery energy storage systems. Many of the world’s first hybrid and fully electric powered maritime vessels use a Corvus system. This includes the first hybrid / electric powered tugboat and the first fully electric tug. Worldwide, over 50% of hybrid and fully electric maritime vessels are equipped with a Corvus system.

Learn about our work with electric and hybrid tugboats.

Below find videos highlighting two examples of tugs that use a Corvus Energy marine battery energy storage system. The first video features a hybrid escort tug, and the second video highlights the fully electric ZeeTug30. For other examples of tugboats that use a Corvus Energy system, click here.

Corvus Energy is the leading provider of marine battery energy storage systems to power electric and hybrid tugboats. Pictured is the ZEETUG30 fully electric tug by Navtek Naval Technologies.
ZEETUG30 by Navtek Naval Technologies
Corvus Energy is the leading provider of marine battery energy storage systems to power electric and hybrid tugboats. Pictured is one of the first hybrid electric tugboats delivered with a Corvus battery system.
One of the first hybrid tugs delivered with a Corvus ESS.