DP2 vessels

Platform supply vessels (PSV) with dynamic positioning systems rated DP2 are the hard workers the offshore oil and gas industry, transiting equipment and crew to offshore platforms year-round. PSV ship owners were the first in the offshore segment to deploy batteries in hybrid propulsion systems , quickly demonstrating their safety, outstanding performance and fuel savings.

Corvus Energy has supplied dozens of energy storage systems (ESSs) for DP2-rated PSVs, as an alternative to a diesel engine for spinning reserve and backup power, as well as to improve the efficiency of remaining diesel engines through peak shaving and load levelling. Shipowners have realised the option of replacing a diesel generator with a Corvus ESS as an integral part of the power management system for propulsion, DP, and house load.

New PSVs with LNG or duel LNG/diesel engines also incorporate a Corvus ESS into their power management system to reduce engine size, provide backup power, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions.

With fewer engine operating hours, PSV operators can boast significantly lower operating costs and GHG emission, making them stand out in a competitive environment.