Short sea

Corvus Energy has supplied Energy storage (ESS) to a range of short sea vessels, such as chemical tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels.

By transforming unused Power generated by a diesel or LNG engine to electricity, storing it in batteries on board for later use, a short-sea merchant vessel can be more energy efficient. The energy stored can later be used for peak shaving and load levelling, which in turn allow for more optimal load on the engines, reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions and reduced maintenance.

A short-sea vessel typically uses ESS for:

  • Optimized energy consumption by load levelling and peak shaving
  • Maneuvering into port and in shallow waters
  • Zero emissions in port
  • Increase safety and reliability – including black-out prevention


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced emissions
  • Safer operations
  • More silent operations when in zero-emissions mode
  • reduced maintenance costs

Corvus Energy ESS is suitable for both newbuilds and retrofit projects. Determining which Corvus ESS is most suitable will depend upon type of vessel and operational profile. To learn more about our products, please visit our product pages.

Study: Hybridization in short sea shipping

In a joint study, MAN Energy Solutions, DNV GL and Corvus Energy have investigated the benefits of new, cost-effective hybrid applications for larger ocean-going cargo vessels. Explore results below