Imagine silent emission free sailing..

Energy storage is ideal for yachts. Wether it is for going in and out of harbour/marinas or visiting remote and exotic places.

By utilizing energy Storage systems (ESS) to power the ship we observe reduction in NOx and CO2 emission, quiet sailing and COST saved by reducing fuel consumtion and the need for maintenenance. Energy storage also increase safety and reduce responsetime significantly.

Perfect for entering and leaving marinas, or for anchoring on one of the beautiful unspoilt corners of our planet.

Yachts typical use cases:

  • Optimize energyconsumtion by loadlevelling
  • Manouvering into port and in shallow waters
  • “Fjord” mode
  • Zero emission in port
  • Increase safety and reliability – including black out prevention
  • Provide black start capability
  • Hotelloads can be ran in case of dead ship


  • Reduced fuel consumtion
  • Reduced emissions
  • zero emissions for long priods of time
  • Safer operations
  • More silent operations when in Zero emisson mode

Corvus Energy ESS is suitable for both newbuilds and retrofit projects. To learn more about our products, please visit our productpages