Hybrid Powered Cruise Ships

As the cruise industry faces a massive shift to reduce emissions, technologies to enable hybrid powered cruise ships and zero-emission cruise operations are advancing.

Reducing carbon emissions

The cruise industry is entering a new era of emissions restrictions that will require new technologies and operational changes. In addition to anticipated IMO emissions regulations, cruise lines must navigate stringent rules for zero-emission operations in certain ports and in emission control areas (ECAs). Likewise, cruise passengers are increasingly demanding greener cruise experiences. To address these challenges, new technologies for hybrid powered cruise ships are being developed.

Hybrid solutions: marine battery energy storage and fuel cell systems for cruise ships

There is not one solution that meets the emissions reduction challenges facing the cruise industry. The solution is a combination of several technologies.

Battery energy storage systems are part of all solutions – either used alone or in combination with other technologies. For example, battery systems used together with marine fuel cell systems and green fuels, such as hydrogen, show promise for cruise sector electrification.

Cruise ships typically use Energy Storage for

  • Optimized energy consumption by load levelling
  • Maneuvering into port and in shallow waters
  • “Fjord” mode
  • Zero emissions in port
  • Increased safety and reliability – including black-out prevention
  • Black start capability
  • Running hotel loads in case of dead ship
  • Reduced scrubber system size for ECA compliance


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced emissions
  • Zero emissions for long periods of time
  • Safer operations
  • More silent operations when in zero-emissions mode


Corvus Energy marine energy storage systems (ESS) are suitable for both newbuilds and retrofit projects.

The Corvus Blue Whale marine battery energy storage system is designed specifically for large vessels that require a large amount of energy, like cruise ships. 

The Corvus Blue Whale energy storage system is designed for use in cruise ships and other vessels where the operational profile calls for low C-Rate, slow battery system charge and discharge rates, and emissions-free sailing over long periods of time, including during transit through emissions-restricted zones and zero-emission port stays.

Blue Whale was developed with large energy storage installations in mind, specifically battery systems that require more than 10MWh total system energy. Learn more about the Corvus Blue Whale, click here.

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