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Safety is the most important focus for Corvus Energy Storage Systems

Every component of the system has been chosen and designed to mitigate risk and improve performance. Here are just a few safety mechanisms.


The Corvus Energy system has been designed from the very beginning to be the safest possible system. From patented battery management system architecture, to a patented fire suppressing enclosure, the Corvus Energy Storage System has been engineered, tested and validated to meet, exceed or set industry standards.

Cells & Internal Battery Structure
Cells are housed in a proprietary thermal conductor, enabling heat to be wicked away from the inside to the external enclosure (passive cooling system).

Battery Management System (BMS)
Provides Warnings, Faults, Charge and Discharge management.

External Enclosure
Designed to withstand 50G impact and 8G 5 axis continuous vibration. IP67 Rated.

Rack Systems
Facilitates active cooling and enhances safety.

Industry Leadership
Corvus has set the industry benchmark for fire testing and battery room guidelines.


At the Corvus factory near Vancouver, Canada, our modules are manufactured to the highest possible standards. Each step of the process is documented through an automated Manufacturing Information System, allowing Corvus to continually refine its quality process.

Manufacturing Process & Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
Each station of the production line is computer controlled.  Every system is fully assembled and tested before shipping.

Documented & Monitored – Each step of the process is documented through an automated Manufacturing Information System ensuring that any problems in the field can be traced back through to the original point of manufacture.

ISO 9001 Certified – Corvus Energy is committed to providing high quality energy storage solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations in a safe, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Integration & Commissioning

Corvus application engineers have designed the interface of the ESS with the customer engineers prior to production of the batteries. This ensures a high level of coordination and control of the battery alarms and parameters in operation. The customer is invited and encouraged to bring their control system to Corvus for the Factory Acceptance Test, to confirm correct integration prior to deployment on site.  After the Corvus Factory Acceptance Test, Corvus commissioning engineers travel with the system to ensure it is installed correctly, connected and commissioned properly and passes Customer Acceptance Testing (CAT).

Operator Training
Our customer service team ensures that the operators are fully trained in every aspect of the system

Remote Monitoring
System permits data collection and remote updates of firmware. The data retrieved from each system is stored in Corvus’ data warehouse where it is analyzed to provide valuable information for system support, preventative maintenance, performance enhancement and protection of system life

Holistic Safety
Proven integration with marine fire suppression and ventilation systems.