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Energy Storage Systems to keep you moving

Hybrid Vehicles: Trucks, Light Rail and Locomotive

Commercial Trucking

Walmart WAVE

walmart wave truck_corvus energy essAs an integral part of our economy, transport trucks work day in and day out to deliver the goods. Increasing fuel costs and increasing emissions regulations are forcing truck OEM’s to find ways of reducing fuel consumption and increasing efficiency. Engine load reduction, hybrid drive systems and extended runtime APU systems all are viable means to reduce fuel consumption and increase ROI to owners.

Name: Wal-Mart WAVE
Type: Class 8 Hybrid Concept Truck
Owner: Wal-Mart
Location: USA
Pack: 7 x 6.5kWh
Capacity: 45.5 kWh
Bus Voltage: 600 VDC
Partners: Corvus Energy, Peterbilt, Capstone Turbine, Transpower, Wal-Mart
Notes: Battery-dominant hybrid with 65 kW micro turbine generator and actively-cooled lithium battery pack capable of capturing all regenerative braking energy.

Commercial Trucking

Cummins Peterbilt 2013 Department of Energy (DOE) Super Truck

peterbilt truck_Corvus Energy

Name: Cummins Peterbilt 2013 Department of Energy (DOE) Super Truck
Type: Class 8 Fuel-Efficiency Demonstrator Truck
Owner: Peterbilt, Cummins
Location: USA
Pack: 5 x AT3300-300-12-SB
Capacity: 16.5 kWh
Bus Voltage: 12 VDC
Partners: Corvus Energy, Peterbilt, Cummins, USDOE
Notes: One AT3300 is dedicated to engine start and cab loads.  The remaining four AT3300 are dedicated to sleeper cab loads.  This truck has a measured fuel economy of 10.7 mpg!!


Light Rail

Siemens S70

Siemens S70 powered by Corvus Energy ESS.

Siemens S70 powered by Corvus Energy ESS.

For LRV’s, In the event of a power outage, a high power, Corvus lithium battery on board will allow trams to travel to the next station and discharge passengers. In areas where overhead lines are not wanted, it will allow trams to run without overhead power. 


Norfolk Southern, Hybrid Yard Switching Locomotive

norfolk_Corvus ESSThe addition of batteries in locomotives will allow the batteries to provide power when the diesel generator would be operating in an inefficient range.

Name: Norfolk Southern
Type: Hybrid Yard Switching Locomotive
Duty: Moving freight cars, assembling and disassembling trains
Owner:  Norfolk Southern
Location: Atlanta
Pack: 16 x 6.5kWh per unit
Capacity: 104kWh
Bus Voltage: 768VDC
Partners: Norfolk Southern, Corvus Energy
Notes: Hybrid Diesel-Electric yard switching locomotive to be used in busy rail yard locations for low speed, high torque duty.