MF Tycho Brahe

100-130 m

5-10 MWh

Corvus Energy has equipped the world’s largest battery ferry, MF Tycho Brahe, with Dolphin Power battery systems. The vessel is still equipped with its original diesel-powered engine, but four containers on each top deck hold the equivalent of about 4160 kWh of electrical power: 640 lithium batteries, with 11 MW total. Charging is done with up to 11 MW. The ship can run on full battery, full diesel or a combined, hybrid set-up. It is one out of four ferries running the busy route between Helsingør, Denmark, and Helsingborg, Sweden, a yearly total of 50,000 times – and with 7.2 million passengers.

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name MF Tycho Brahe
Owner Scandlines
Operator ForSea
Integrator ABB Oy
Segment Cruise and Ferry
Sub-segment Electric and Hybrid Ferries
Vessel type Car Ferry
Dynamic Positioning DP2
ESS capacity 6345 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Dolphin Power
Lightweight battery Yes
Delivery year 2021
Ship yard Langsten Slip & Båtbyggeri
Newbuild/Retrofit Retrofit
Vessel size 111,2 m x 28,2 m x 5,5 m
Passenger capacity 1250
Car capacity 240
Gross tonnage 11 148
Deadweight tonnage 2500
IMO no 9007116
Area of Operation Denmark
Sailing route Helsingborg - Helsingør
Sailing distance 4 km
Ship system All-electric, Hybrid
Bus Voltage 576-768 VDC
Class LRS
Flag state Denmark

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Zero Emissions Operations