Seacor Azteca

70-100 m

200-500 kWh

The plattform supply vessel is equipped with an Orca Energy battery pack to optimalize operations and reduce emissions and noise.

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name Seacor Azteca
Owner Seacor Marine
Integrator Kongsberg Maritime
Segment Offshore Oil & Gas
Sub-segment Offshore support vessels
Vessel type PSV
Dynamic Positioning DP2
ESS capacity 497 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Orca ESS
Delivery year 2019
Ship yard Bollinger Shipyards Morgan City
Newbuild/Retrofit Retrofit
Vessel size 87 x 89.2 x 7.4 m
Gross tonnage 3601
IMO no 9707285
Area of Operation Gulf of Mexico
Ship system Hybrid
Bus Voltage 800-1100 VDC
Class ABS
Flag state Mexico

Estimated annual savings


Maintenance cost

0 liters

diesel/year saved

0 tons

CO2 emission reduction

Battery operation

Load Levelling

Peak Shaving

Spinning Reserve