< 20 m

200-500 kWh

El-Ida is equipped with a Dolphin Power battery pack that ensures a longer life span and range, as well as reducing emissions and noise at the fish farm

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name El-Ida
Owner Nova Sea Service AS
Integrator Elmarin
Segment Fishing and Aquaculture
Sub-segment Fish Farming and Aquaculture
Vessel type Fish Farm Support Vessel
ESS capacity 330 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Dolphin Power
Lightweight battery Yes
Delivery year 2020
Ship yard Folla Maritime
Newbuild/Retrofit Newbuild
Vessel size 10,65 m x 5 m
Area of Operation Norland, Norway
Ship system Hybrid
Bus Voltage 480-640
Class DNV
Flag state Norway

Estimated annual savings

0 litre

diesel/year saved

0 t/year

CO2 emission reduction

Battery operation

Peak Shaving