Boka Tiamat

70-100 m

200-500 kWh

Boka Tiamat (formerly called Topaz Tiamat) is equipped with an Orca Energy ESS to ensure optimized functions and reduced emissions. The vessel will be deployed on offshore wind projects in Taiwan.

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name Boka Tiamat
Owner Topaz
Integrator VARD
Segment Offshore Oil & Gas
Sub-segment Offshore support vessels
Vessel type OCV
ESS capacity 497 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Orca ESS
Delivery year 2020
Ship yard Vard Langsten
Vessel size 98,1 m x 20,05 m
Gross tonnage 6133
Deadweight tonnage 3303
IMO no 9792527
Area of Operation Asia
Ship system Hybrid
Class DNV
Flag state Belgium

Estimated annual savings

0 liters/year

diesel/year saved

0 t/year

CO2 emission reduction

Battery operation

Rapid Load Response

Load Levelling

Peak Shaving

Spinning Reserve