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World's first battery hybrid aquaculture service vessel bult in Norway. A large part of the time a service vessel like this lies waiting with the engines running on low load. The battery package from Corvus enables the vessel to run on battery only for 2-3 hours out at the fishfarms and 8 to 9 hours at the quay side. Saving fuel and reducuing noise is ideal for this type of vessel.

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name Bjørøyvæer
Owner Bjørøya
Integrator Elkon
Segment Fishing and Aquaculture
Sub-segment Fish Farming and Aquaculture
Vessel type Fish Farm Support Vessel
ESS capacity 180 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Orca ESS
Delivery year 2019
Ship yard Sletta Verft
Ship design Møre Maritime
Newbuild/Retrofit Newbuild
Vessel size 19 m x 12 m x 4,3 m
Gross tonnage 205
IMO no 9855898
Area of Operation Norway
Ship system Hybrid
Bus Voltage 570-800 VDC
Flag state Norway

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