Angelsen Senior

20-40 m

200-500 kWh

The 21 meter long MS Angelsen Senior is the worlds first fishing vessel of this kind to have a battery hybrid solution. They reduce running hours on the engines with 75% and they save 25% fuel. 200t of CO2 and more than 50% of the maintenance costs. Batteries are charged while engines are running and in port. Running on electricity means less noive, less vibration and a safer work environment. The propulsion system centres around two Scania DI13 diesel gensets and a Corvus two-piece battery pack to drive a Helseth fixed pitch propeller, and the hybrid propulsion system has been delivered by Elmarin. The intention is to operate on battery power when there is a low power requirement, such as when laying to or hauling, and to switch to diesel-electric mode when shooting the gear or steaming at up to ten knots, which also provides an opportunity to charge the battery packs. There is a also a heat recovery system to route excess heat to where it can be best utilised.

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name Angelsen Senior
Owner Hans Angelsen & Sønner
Integrator Elmarin
Segment Fishing and Aquaculture
Sub-segment Fishing
Vessel type Fishing vessel
ESS capacity 271 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Orca ESS
Delivery year 2018
Ship yard Tehnomont Shipyard Pula
Ship design Marin Design
Newbuild/Retrofit Newbuild
Vessel size 20,99 x 9
Gross tonnage 310
Area of Operation Norwegian Sea
Ship system Hybrid
Bus Voltage 580-800 VDC
Flag state Norway

Estimated annual savings

0 liters

diesel/year saved

0 tons

CO2 emission reduction

Battery operation

Load Levelling

Peak Shaving

Spinning Reserve

Zero Emissions Operations