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Geir Bjørkeli, CEO of Corvus Energy is very pleased to have entered into the partnership and to have signed the first contract with AIDA. “We are deeply honoured to be selected by AIDA and Costa Cruises as their ESS supplier. This first contract for AIDAperla is also very special. It is not only the largest battery pack ever ordered; it is also the first regular cruise vessel with battery on board,” said Bjørkeli. “The cruise industry is seeing the potential in energy storage as the benefits are numerous—not only for emission reductions, but also for comfort and safety reasons,” Bjørkeli adds. “What AIDA does, will lead the way for others. We are impressed by the initiatives shown by Costa and AIDA Cruises to reduce the emissions from their fleet.”

Corvus ESS specifications:

Name AIDA Prima
Owner AIDA
Integrator ABB
Segment Cruise and Ferry
Sub-segment Hybrid Powered Cruise Ships
Vessel type Large Cruise
ESS capacity 9944 kWh
Corvus product Corvus Orca ESS
Delivery year 2020
Ship yard Mitsubishi Nagasaki
Newbuild/Retrofit Retrofit
Vessel size 299,95 m x 37,65 m
Passenger capacity 3900
Gross tonnage 125, 572 t
Deadweight tonnage 9200 t
IMO no 9636967
Area of Operation Europe
Ship system Hybrid
Bus Voltage 800-1100 VDC
Class DNV
Flag state Italy

Estimated annual savings

Battery operation

Peak Shaving

Zero Emissions Operations