New Vessel Uses Corvus Lithium Ion Energy Storage System

Equipment & Technology // April 26, 2016

Østensjø Rederi in Norway has held a naming ceremoiny for its latest offshore construction vessel, Edda Freya. The new vessel was designed and built for the Greater North Sea market and utilizes an environmentally friendly and fuel saving diesel electric hybrid propulsion system with a Corvus Energy Energy Storage System (ESS).

The subsea construction vessel was designed with a focus on cable laying operations, offshore construction and IMR operations. The vessel’s first contract will be with DeepOcean.

The fuel saving, environmentally friendly propulsion system on the vessel, based on Siemens’ BlueDrive PlusC concept, was implemented by Siemens in cooperation with Østensjø Rederi. By using variable rotational speed with optimal operation of the diesel generators in combination with the Corvus ESS, the system will significantly reduce fuel consumption and the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and greenhouse gasses (CO2/methane).

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